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About Marvel:

Marvel is one of the world’s prominent character-based entertainment company for over seventy-five years.


Marvel knew their global audience would use the app across multiple devices, operating systems and locations when developing their comic book app. Due to their frequent release cycle, manual testing was time-consuming for the team and they needed a way to take advantage of the time saving benefits by automating their regression test cases.


Prior to working with QA Foundry, Marvel was executing test cases manually. This provided an opportunity to build a test automation framework starting with login and registration to introduce the capabilities to the team.

By just automating 22 test cases, we were able to provide 100% test coverage on Marvel’s login & registration flows and were able to run them on across multiple iOS/Android devices at the same time. Once Marvel gave the go-ahead, we analyzed existing test coverage based on priority and impact to create an automation test plan. 


By partnering with QA Foundry, Marvel was able to reduce their regression testing by 80% by automating the major functionalities within the app.

Some of the deliverables included:

1. 90% Test Coverage

In four months, QA Foundry was able to automate over 160 test cases.

2. Parallel testing

Allow for the execution of same tests on multiple devices and operating systems simultaneously. This ensured that new code changes didn’t introduce bugs on the new versions of the app across different screen sizes on their iOS & Android apps. Bugs are also caught earlier due to speed and coverage of the automated tests.

3. Confidence to ship code reliably

In addition to test automation, Marvel was also provided with the necessary reporting and tools required to maintain the test framework.

  • CI/CD which is a way to continuously check the build quality of a code release.
  • Robust reporting with recording and screenshots.
  • Training and documentation.

QA Foundry does not reinvent the wheel but leverages open source tools that are stable and widely successful across industries.