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If you're tired of QA testing that costs you a lot and slows you down, you've found the best solution in town.

We provide a US-based QA-as-a service for startups to focus on developing, while we worry about the testing.

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How We Work

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Step One:
Test Strategy Design

In our first meeting, we'll study your app and understand your roadmap, development phase, and if there's any existing QA process already in place. We'll take a look at your app's demo and map out our strategy to guarantee you the highest level of coverage in the shortest amount of time.

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Step Two:
Test Automation Development

After we map out our plan, we can put it into action. We'll start coding the tests considering the highest priority scenarios for maximum efficacy. We drastically reduce your overall costs and time to release by creating and maintaining test environments and using adaptive testing frameworks. This makes things easier and faster for you.

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Step Three:
Build coverage and run tests

As we increase coverage, we'll help you integrate QA Foundry into your team process. We provide comprehensive and extensive bug reports and run tests 100% in parallel, so you can ship your final product as fast as possible.

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In House

Effort from you:

  • Huge amount of time and effort finding talent, recruiting and onboarding
  • Creating an entire test strategy and develop test plans from scratch
  • Building prototype and research tools
  • Maintaining CI/CD pipeline and integrations
  • Investigating test failures & identify flaky tests
  • Building analytics and reporting

Results you get:

  • Low test coverage from having to build and maintain an entire framework from zero
  • Minimum of 1 year, but usually more, to reach 40% coverage

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Effort from you:

  • A demo of your app in our first meeting
  • Bi-weekly check-ins to look at reports

Results you get:

  • End-to-end test coverage, unlimited tests & runs for 6
  • An expert team of QA Engineers and SDETs that become one with your own dev team, without the downsides
  • Multiple automation tests ran in parallel for maximum efficiency
  • High quality and extensive reporting, documentation, and
  • Upwards to 85% decrease in test execution time
  • The testing is fully managed by us, and you can either co-manage it together or hand it off entirely to your team

Can You See The

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We help some of the fastest-growing tech teams improve their product quality and delivery.

If you want a high-quality end product that can be shipped to your users without pesky bugs and annoyances that you will have to fix in a hurry, you've found your best option.

Any Questions Left?

We'll Answer Them

How will we communicate?

You can work with us the same way you work with your in-house dev team. We can communicate on Discord, Slack, or any other software you commonly use. If you don't have an in-house team or a set communication software yet, we'll set up a slack channel ourselves.

How much does it cost?

The pricing of your services will vary depending on the size and complexity of the app you are developing. We assure you that we are very much budget-friendly and we will prepare an Automated Test Suite built with highest quality in mind. The pricing will be explicit and clear, you'll never have any surprises.

Do you work with startups?

Absolutely. We actually specialize in mobile, SaaS startups. QA Foundry itself is a mix of traditional software consulting and tech startup. We love working with our counterparts and making sure that other startups benefit from our services.