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Of course, we support all the latest platforms and browsers, and we cater to many of the less popular ones, too. BSD, Solaris, Gentoo, and many others. Just ask!

One. Flat. Rate.

Every hour you buy is an hour spent testing your software. This means you will never incur any cost associated with our technical setup or project management overhead. Ever.

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Prepay, Save, Win

Prepay pool In days Hourly Rate Savings
8+ hours 1-14 days $75.00 Base rate
120+ hours 15-59 days $71.25 5%
480+ hours 60-118 days $67.50 10%
960+ hours 120-240 days $63.75 15%
1920+ hours 1 year+ $60.00 20%

Have a question? Email us at sales@qafoundry.com or see our FAQ!

Buy a pool of hours up front and get a discount.

If you already have an idea how much testing you'll need, this is the most cost-effective way to test your software. Any unused hours will remain on your account indefinitely, for use with future projects.

Or pay as you go - whatever works.

We understand that it can be difficult to estimate how much testing is needed, so you might begin with a conservative plan; a few days worth of testing will help calibrate your test controls.

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We are unable to estimate a test plan without first reviewing your software. The estimate does not reflect this cost.

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Soon,, you'll be able to take Anvil, our homegrown test management tool, for a spin in our public demo. It's free and fully-featured.

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